A Needle in A Haystack

On-site Technician and CSM Quickly Diagnose Freezer Issue Using Remote Control and Data Analysis

My father was a farmer and I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “It’s like finding a needle in a haystack” when he was working on his equipment after something broke down. Well, that is the beauty about IoT and data, you can control and diagnose issues from anywhere in the world, reducing guessing games, which is exactly what happened earlier this week.

A technician was on-site at one of our restaurant customers. He called our tech support line because the freezer wasn’t reaching temperature and continued to cycle between refrigeration and defrost mode. By looking up the unit on chameleon-cloud.com, Jake (our technician) was able to tell him the coil temperature and room temperature which was the first step to diagnosing the problem.

Jake remotely put the unit in refrigeration mode for testing purposes and continued to analyze the compressor data while the technician proceeded to review the operation of the unit on-site. Together they discovered the expansion valve wasn’t working properly and not giving enough refrigerant to the unit. Because of the accurate diagnosis, the technician was able to adjust the superheat to help temporarily keep the temperature down until the unit can be fully repaired. Of course, we will continue to watch the unit remotely and alert management and the technician of urgent temperature issues.

This was the first time this technician had worked with Small Box Energy’s chameleon™ platform. He thought the system was extremely beneficial to diagnosing problems, both remotely and on-site; so much so, he is working with Jake to schedule further training with colleagues because he felt his organization could benefit from the system through control, alarming, remote diagnostics, and energy saving capability.

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