Lighting accounts for about 9% of restaurants total energy consumption. Small Box Energy’s chameleon™ occupancy sensor provides a restaurant and convenience store’s owner the ease of mind in knowing that their energy consumption is reduced and lighting is only on when someone is present.

Our lighting controls and sensors are easily integrate-able with our modular, cloud-based system. We mold to fit your business needs.


  • chameleon occupancy sensors can be used anywhere in your business.
  • Lights only turn ON and OFF based on occupancy and the ambient light level that is detected.

Reliable & Accurate

  • The chameleon occupancy sensor uses PIR (passive infrared) technology ensures it’s accurate always.
  • Provides a full 360-degree field of view fresnel lens.
  • Covers an area of up to 800 sq ft.

Energy Efficient

  • Reduces lighting energy consumption by turning lights ON only when someone is present.
  • Reduces energy consumption in low traffic areas where lights may be left on unnoticed for days.

Delivery Needs

  • Automation allows lights turn on when your deliveries are being unloaded.
  • Eliminates the need to depend on a person to flip the switch on and off.