20 Years of Innovation in the Restaurant Industry

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The 20th anniversary of Restaurant Leadership Conference in Phoenix, 4days of excellent speakers, forums, networking, and fun. Breakout sessions anywhere from the innovation of delivery to chocolate 101, speakers like the chairman of Panera bread company Ron Shaich to two-time super bowl winning quarterback Peyton Manning RLC has never disappointed when it comes to entertaining and educating the innovators of the restaurant industry.

With over 2,000 restaurant industry executives in attendance delivery, mobile and convenience seem to be everywhere in the air at RLC. The focus in the restaurant industry is heavy in delivery and convenience and how your mobile phone plays a part in all of that. Several of the breakout sessions were centered around delivery and the impact that has on the restaurants and the shifting demands of customers. Problems ranging from, protecting the brand when third-party delivery services are involved, to solving the longtime problem with fry delivery.

As a supplier to the restaurant industry, it was interesting to learn about some of the battles our customers face that we were not even aware were a battle. This type of learning and education is what helps us better serve our customers and identify with their needs. Aligning our platform with the business needs is what we are all about, we fit and mold to a business’s needs, not the other way around. We can all learn from each other, and this was a great event to learn from the leaders in the industry.

Whether you have yet to attend RLC or this is your 10th year going, you can’t deny that the connections made at this event are ones that last. Bringing innovators across the world together to strategize and share best practices is an experience that you learn from, it sticks with you for years to come. Connections and friendships made at this event last a lifetime, and that’s precisely why Small Box Energy continues to support our clients and innovators in the restaurant space.  


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Small Box Energy at NFA BKC Summit 6/6-6/9

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Off to Arlington VA, Small Box Energy will exhibit its energy management system, specifically designed with restaurants in mind. The NFA BKC Summit is an annual event where Burger king franchisees and suppliers come together for networking, educational and social opportunities. This year the NFA BKC summit is at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City  in Arlington, Virginia June 6- June 9th.  

Tracy Markie, Small Box Energy’s CEO, will be there exhibiting the award winning energy management platform, chameleon™ at booth #94. Burger King Franchisees will have the opportunity to learn about the benefits that having an energy management system can have on a restaurant’s bottom line as well as the environment.

With convenience being a key factor in today’s society what an amazing thing it would be to be able to view not just one of your restaurant’s energy consumption and temperatures real time from your phone, but your entire portfolio?! This is what the chameleon app does, it provides real time visibility and remote control that give restaurant owners peace of mind and actionable data.

Gone are the days of showing up to one of your locations during the afternoon lunch rush and the outside lights are still on. Alerts can be sent when connected equipment is not following schedule,and remedying that problem right from the app makes energy management and facility visibility a breeze.

Check out the website to see what the chameleon can do for you! Start saving for summer months now!

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Restaurants, Relationships, and Perspective!

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Restaurant leadership conference 2017 was centered around returns on relationships, which we all know in the restaurant industry is pivotal. Speakers included Susan Adzick vice President of McLanerlc talk food service, Brian Little distinguished scholar, Greg Creed CEO of Yum! Brands, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Pepsi Co. CEO Indra Nooyi and many, many more!

All the speakers focused on discussing relationships and how they affect every facet of our lives.   Relationships are how we connect with other human beings, how we make lifelong friends, and how we teach future generations to interact with their peers. The speakers this year gave great insight and offered different perspective on interactions small and large and how they mold people.

Here at Small Box Energy one of our most coveted core values is “Bring out the Best in People”. There is no better way to describe this than the energy that surrounded everyone at RLC this year. Post the personality test given by Brian Little, you could hear people chatting and laughing about how they scored in comparison to some of the coworkers and even a topic for discussion at the exhibitor booths. The halls seemed to come alive with people embracing their differences, overcoming their introverted-ness and establishing relationships that would last a lifetime.

tracy david mike laird

Attending trade-shows has always been a huge priority for Small Box Energy as we get to build new relationships, reconnect with old acquaintances and meet with current clients. We got into this business for the return on relationships all while making the industry more sustainable.

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Small Box Energy Attends Restaurant Leadership Conference 5 Years and Running!

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Just back from RFMA and BRFA we are heading back out on the road again, only this time one of the industry’s biggest events for the restaurant world is right in our backyard in Phoenix, AZ. The Restaurant Leadership Conference April 9-12 at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa.

Every year at the JW Marriott in Phoenix Desert Ridge thousands of franchisees, c-level execs, sponsors, operators, senior management and many more gather to build relationships that bring value to the business. This year’s RLC’s new tagline ROR: Return on relationships….is the new ROI.system

ROI on relationships may not be instant, but in a world where everything is now and it’s all about convenience wouldn’t it be nice (as the Beach Boys say) to get instant visibility into your restaurant operation? Even just as instant as checking your security camera at home from your smartphone? chameleon™ provides that convenience and peace of mind in an instant.

Our Smart Data based platform enables you and your leaders to take control of the uncontrollables. Energy, what was once seen as an uncontrollable is now under your complete control…even remotely. Our walk-in controllers reduce defrost cycles significantly by as much as 87%. Food safety through temperature monitoring makes keeping tabs on prep stations and reach in cooler temperatures easier than ever. Never will you pull up to your location to see the lights on during the day, with our astro- enabled lighting panel and photocells for cloudy days those days are a thing of the past. We like to provide you with ammo that you will use, not useless data that you have to decipher and call up Tom Hanks to break the DaVinci Code to understand…a Client Success Manager is assigned specifically to each of your locations to identify patterns and correlations in data. This not only makes the data useful but actionable as well. Equipment Diagnostics is also derived from several of the 100,000 data points that we collect daily.

Stop by and see our platform demo at booth# 111 at the 2017 Restaurant Leadership Conference.

While you are in beautiful Arizona, don’t forget to sign up for the Browns Ranch Hiking Excursion, our landscape is like none other.

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Not just for restaurants and c-stores anymore, other retailers are choosing Small Box Energy’s chameleon™ too.

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Small Box Energy provides an affordable energy management solution for retail space under 15,000 square feet.

Small Box Energy was proud to exhibit in the Intel booth (@IntelRetail) at NRF this last week where we showcased our chameleon platform that utilizes Intel’s Quark architecture at the heart of our intelligent IoT chameleon webserver. The Intel and Small Box Energy teams presented to many retailer chains, reseller partners and international channel sellers who took an extreme interest in our solution.

“The scalability and versatility of chameleon is why we are getting so many inquiries from retailers,” said Tracy Markie, chief executive officer for Small Box Energy. “The balance of features and ease-of-use may catch their eye, but the real, tangible value they see chameleon bringing to their operations is what keeps their interest.”  Retailers work the same long hours as restaurants, so they use a lot of energy with extensive equipment run-time and wear. A large percentage of stores have temperature controlled inventory, such as flower shops, pharmacies, pet stores and dollar stores. These attributes align to the chameleon platform uniquely, and when demonstrating the platform at the show, executives immediately saw the value, efficiency and costs savings it could bring to their bottom lines.

Small Box Energy is the only energy management platform providing temperature monitoring and early equipment diagnostics as part of their energy management platform, and users have seen savings up to 30% throughout their operations.

Our business model is simple. We offer a managed solution and monthly operational expense (OpEx) payment structure based on the equipment installed at the stores thus eliminating capital expenditures (CapEx). Your entire portfolio of locations can be managed on using a web browser or one of our mobile apps. The extremely user-friendly interface utilizes a tiered, customizable login structure to give managers and employees the appropriate access to manage information, review alerts/alarms and change settings as needed.

When speaking to executives at the show, Our Customer Success Team emerged as a key distinguishing factor among competitors. Our services include 24/7 monitoring for each location. If an alarm is received and not acted upon, we contact the management staff just to verify they saw the issue and are working on a solution. Facility leadership was very interested in alerting and alarming, reporting and analytics. To ensure success, we provide ongoing insight into operations, equipment performance and overall energy usage with key recommendations to decrease costs. This deep dive analysis is enabled through chameleon’s unique IoT technology and will continue to provide value for years to come to retailers.

With all the ‘buzz’ at NRF about Small Box Energy and our solution, you can expect to see a lot more about chameleon helping retailers neutralize increasing costs resulting from new labor and wage regulations and insurance hikes.

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