Temperature Monitoring

  • Manage & monitor temperature automatically
  • Receive notifications when temperatures reach the ‘danger zone’ via alerts
  • Diagnostics detect walk in refrigerator/freezer maintenance needs
  • Alerts sent via text message or e-mail, or viewable on the mobile app
  • All data recorded and stored in the cloud and defendable
  • Automatic reports for management, inspections, training, accountability
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food safety using wireless probes and automatic cloud storage
remote diagnostics given an 'x-ray' vision of the equipment without having to be on-site

Remote Equipment Diagnostics

It’s a fact, remote equipment diagnostics save money and time. Using a simple web browser, you or your facility management team will quickly see the value in remote diagnostics from Small Box Energy.

  • Graphs visually show you when equipment isn’t working properly
  • Historical data allows you to pinpoint moments of failure
  • Unusual data patterns can signal an operational inefficiency
  • Human behavior, like leaving the door open for extended periods of time – will be detected
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Energy Conservation

  • Monitor and control critical systems: HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration
  • Reduce unnecessary refrigeration defrost cycles by 70%
  • Programmed set point with time-based overrides allows equipment to be stair-stepped by zones, maximizing energy efficiency
  • Astronomical lighting schedules significantly reduce lighting costs
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reduce energy through active monitoring and equipment efficiency
24/7 Dedicated Managers bring more value and active recommendations than other IoT solutions

Managed Services Provides More Value

Our team of managers proactively look for equipment anomalies, maintenance needs, and operating inefficiencies while highlighting critical aspects of your business operation.

  • No Capital Expenditures for Equipment, Low Monthly Subscription
  • 24/7 Monitoring for Alarms, Equipment Analysis and Maintenance Needs
  • Regular Reporting for Equipment Health, Operational Efficiency and Actionable Recommendations
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Small Box Energy is the only integrated temperature monitoring, energy management and data intelligence solution actively controlling critical equipment, scanning operations and recording key data points to improve efficiency and reduce energy, maintenance and equipment costs from a single solution. Request a presentation today!