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Food Safety Tips for a Flawless Thanksgiving

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Tis the season for giving thanks, food, holiday cheer, decorations, food, family, sharing and….did I say food? Thanksgiving is the ultimate stuff yourself until you can’t even stand the sight of turkey holiday. The three F’s of Thanksgiving is what makes it so enjoyable…family, friends, and food. Thanksgiving feasts consume more than 20 percent of the number of domestic turkeys raised in the United States this year!! That’s a total of 51,650,000 turkeys! We all want to watch our favorite football team play on Thanksgiving, talk politics with the family and gorge on food but to ensure you actually get to do these things has provided a holiday guide on everything to do from your plane flight to your relatives house to prepping that turkey. These food safety tips will keep you and your family happy this Thanksgiving.


Taking a plane flight to Aunt June’s? You may want to consider purchasing your drink before you board the plane rather than indulging in that complimentary in-flight soda. In an Environmental Protection Agency study, one in eight planes does not meet water safety standards…that includes their ice!

“Please ensure your tray tables remain in their upright, locked position”…another bacteria hangout culprit. The National Science Foundation found that tray tables contain 10 times more bacteria than the flush handle IN the toilet! If you aren’t a mom and have the sanitizing wipes everywhere you go, get some before you travel…you won’t be sorry.  

Turkey Time

Proper thawing and preparation of the turkey are imperative. Turkey should never be defrosted at room temperature, the refrigerator or cold water thawing is the best way to defrost your turkey.

Turkey temperatures!!! Your turkey is not safe to consume until it reaches 165° Fahrenheit. Always use a thermometer to check the temperature of the bird, you cannot tell by color if the turkey is done. It’s best to take the temperature in three different spots with varying thickness.


After everyone eats, no one wants to clean up. It’s the worst! But all perishable foods should be thrown out if they have been sitting longer than two hours at room temperature. Temperatures between 40° and 140° F. are considered the danger zone, where bacteria multiplies the quickest…so buck up and put those leftovers in the fridge ASAP.

To make sure everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving meal and no one gets sick use these guidelines and the worst thing you’ll have to worry about at the family get together is your football team losing 🏈 ….and of course the turkey coma you’ll be in for days. 🦃

Happy Thanksgiving from the Small Box Energy family to yours!

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National Puppy Day

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Full of cute and cuddly, Awwww’s and Ohhh’s…you’ve probably seen your social media pilling up with your friend’s pictures of their puppy’s. National puppy day was founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige, an animal behaviorist and Author. It was created to, not only celebrate the little fur babies that bring so much joy and happiness to our lives, but to bring awareness to orphaned puppies needs for home and love. There are approximately 3.3 millions dogs that enter animal shelters in the United States annually. Of those 3.3 million, 1.6 million dogs are adopted to a loving home annually. More people obtain their furry friends via a breeder, 34%,  while only 23% of people adopted their dog through an animal shelter.  If you know of an animal that needs a home, share it with your friends…love is found in the most unlikely of places.

In honor of National Puppy Day we are sharing photos of our own beloved fur babies!  ❤️🐶❤️





Leo loves to lounge around and play fetch till the cows come home!





Toki keeps ducks at bay from her backyard with her ferocious bark!





Xena is a new addition to the family and loves to give cuddles!





Oso was a loved companion and forever a part of the Small Box Energy family!

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