Wireless Food Probes

This food probe can elevate the food safety of your business and simplify the process of recording food temperaturesEasier and more efficient way to check raw/cooked food temperatures:

  • Up to 100 product profiles
  • Automatically stores the information to the cloud
  • Generates alarms for foods out of specified range
  • Generates alarms if scheduled temperatures have not been taken
  • Accuracy of ±0.5°F and a measuring range of  -7°F to +413°F
  • This product will give you a new found confidence in your temperature monitoring process

Wireless Temperature Sensors

A wireless temperature monitoring device can allow you to check food temperatures remotely.

Measures temperatures in reach-in and service area equipment.

  • Small, unintrusive wireless sensors are used in salad bars, chef bases, side-by-side refrigeration, prep tables, etc.
  • Accuracy of ±0.5 °F and a measuring range of -30°F to +130°F
  • Alarms managers when the equipment is over or under specified temperature
  • Automatically sends data to the cloud and automates and optimizes your ability to achieve food safety

Walk-in Refrigeration Control & Monitoring

refrig controller_2Continually monitors the state of the walk-in refrigeration equipment

  • Monitors temperature and sends data to the cloud
  • Alarms managers when the cooler is not working properly
  • Reduces defrost cycles up to 70%
  • Provides 15-50% more energy saving
  • Eliminates  excessive temperature swings and ice formation on floors and ceilings
  • Sensors  learn and monitor the environment to ensure that each experience is truly personalized to fit your equipment’s needs

Standard Reports

HACCPTemperature-based Reports:

  • Temperature filled into standard categories
  • Time-stamped
  • Under/over temperature highlighted in red



Elevate Food Safety

  • Alerts and alarms for equipment failure
  • Managing & monitoring of food temperature and notification of out-of-range temperatures
  • Historical reporting for coolers/probe readily available
  • Dependable data

Refrigeration Visibility

  • Multiple sensors monitor and record temperatures automatically
  • Alarms and Alerts are sent immediately via text and email when coolers are out-of-range
  • Historical reporting for coolers/probe readily available
  • Dependable data