Case Study Shows chameleon™ Platform Saves 15%!

By October 26, 2017 Case Studies

The Results Are In

A new case study has been posted online concerning the energy consumption of a quick service hamburger chain and methods used to decrease their consumption. Restaurants consume two times more energy per square foot than any other building. With the food service industry only growing, now at 620,807 restaurants in the U.S, we can expect the energy consumption to grow along with it.

A franchisee was seeking an enterprise-wide energy management, equipment diagnostics, and food safety platform all in one. Three different locations, located in varying geographical areas, were tested over a 6 week period. The chameleon™ platform consisted of lighting, refrigeration HVAC and food safety equipment.

While the system proved to be successful at reducing energy consumption, it also provided some auxiliary benefits to the client. ‘We often see a shift in staff behavior” says Small Box Energy Director of Deployment, Jim Parker. The shift in staff behavior leads to decreases in energy consumption when it comes to adjusting the A/C down and leaving walk-in doors propped open. These types of behaviors happen a lot less when restrictions are put in place for HVAC, and when alarms are sent when doors are propped open for extended periods of time. This is how our system provides visibility to every owner and operator. You become more aware of the things happening with your critical systems and staff while you are away. When you have the data to back it up, you can manage all of your locations more efficiently. This is why our platform is not just an energy-saving platform but a critical systems platform. Food loss and early equipment diagnostics came into play in this particular study. The franchisee saw as much as 15% monthly savings on energy consumption alone in just one of the locations.

Check out the full case study and more HERE.

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